Samuel in Boise, Idaho

In response to your recent blog in which the topic was gay marriage, I would tend to agree with Miss Prejean. I have a strong faith, and I believe the sanctity of marriage should be upheld.

Why should YOUR beliefs dictate the RIGHTS of someone else? And "sanctity of marriage"? Are you serious? Two people of the same sex that truly love each other can't marry, but you can give marriage away to two strangers as a prize on a reality show? Britney Spears is keepin' it Holy with her vows that lasted all of a few hours. If you're against gay marriage, don't marry a gay person. Other than that, mind your own damn business.

This lady married an amusement park ride.

This guy married a fictional video game character.

This dude married a dog.

She married the Berlin Wall.
(But that fell apart. *RIM SHOT!*)

 Flower Power here married a dolphin.

This chick is making out with her husband, the Eiffel Tower.

"WHAT'S THIS?" Two MEN want to get married? Well, that's just crazy!
Let's all stick our noses in their business and put a stop to their happiness immediately!
(Honestly, what business is it of yours? Get a life, people.)


Kimberly said...

At least I agree with you on one thing.

Donnie Kendall said...

Oh, thank the sweet baby Jesus! Donnie was about to slit his wrists because he feared Kimberly didn't approve of the way he conducts himself. But you, dear Kimberly, have given Donnie hope for a new tomorrow, and the strength to carry on. Please, please, by all means, continue to monitor everything Donnie says and does, and be sure to pass judgment on it, so that Donnie may learn to be as good of human being as Kimberly. Donnie's purpose in life is to appease you, you upstanding individual known simply as Kimberly.

Tina said...

I LOL @ sarcasm (:

Mark said...

your response to kim was awesomly done donnie! sock it to her! lol

Anonymous said...

im not gay but why cant people let every one live there life and be happy? too much hate in this world

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