"Donnie Kendall's Straight Shootin' may shock and offend some readers. If this is the case, maybe you should seek comfort in reading the side panel on a box of Pop Tarts, sissy britches. For the rest of you with the need for some verbal slap-ass, here's Donnie Kendall, shootin' on a variety of topics like the pompous A-Hole he is."

New Straight Shootin' features include:
  • Background on Donnie Kendall in the "About" link
  • Donnie Photos
  • The ability to leave a comment on any Straight Shootin' post
  • The opportunity to subscribe to Straight Shootin's RSS feed
  • Access to the Gimme Your Hand Forum
And as always, you can "Choose A Shoot" from the list on the right to read Donnie's often obnoxious responses to visitor's questions, or even give Donnie a piece of your mind by clicking the "Shoot Back!" link at the top of the page.