Huayna in Chimbote, Peru

Hello. Do hell exist and if yes what is it like?

Hello right back at you, Huayna. Yes, hell exists. It's a dreadfully awful place full of suffering, torture, and cruelty. The surroundings there are drained of all beauty. It's depressing and scary all at once. If you were to spend a mere moment there, you would ask yourself, "What did I do to deserve this?" It's a lot like Michigan, only not quite as bad.

 "There's room for one more..."


Kendra said...

As a lifelong resident of the great state of Michigan I resent your remark you clueless bitch!! Assholes like you pass judgment on things you have never experienced and ain't no nothing about. Until you lived here to see how baeutiful my state is shut your faggit ass up and stop trying to put us in a bad lite!!!!

Krystal said...

Donnie would know exactly what Michigan is like. Wouldn't you Donnie? Sadly, I agree. Michigan is like the modern version of Tartarus. And I LIVE there.

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