Thomas In Florida

I go to school with Jared the guy you said you want eaten by a shark lmao Our teacher Mr Sherwood got a camel toe every day how do i stop noticing it? It s so gross bro you don't even know.

First off Thomas, it appears the schooling you've receive has done wonders for your English and punctuation skills. Good for you! Second, there are some misconceptions out there about "camel toes", so allow Donnie to break it down for you. A "camel toe" is the disturbing bulge created when a female wears extremely tight pants. When a man squeezes his chubby dumplins into a tight pair of thigh huggers, the end result is known as a "moose knuckle". Lastly, and most importantly, some advice:  DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE MOOSE KNUCKLE, EVER. The only thing worse than having a teacher sporting a detailed man bulge, is being known as the kid who was checkin' it out. Pfft. "Sherwood". Indeed.

The "King" is servin' up Knuckle Sammiches.


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