Sue In Canada

Sue In Canada

I did an image search for wrestlers named Donnie because my son is named Donnie and he wrestles in college at the university of [removed for submitter's privacy]. I found pics of him and also you! You look just like my son! And I read on this site that you also were a wrestler! What are the odds of two boys named Donnie who wrestle and look almost identical?? I just had to tell you. Have a blessed day!

The eerie similarities don't end there. Donnie once dropped the mother of all deuces; seriously, it was like, the alpha and omega of butt-kabobs. And you know what? Donnie named it "Sue". Can you imagine the coincidence that there are TWO IDENTICAL keister cakes out there named SUE?! Donnie officially has chills.

*This question was randomly selected to win the SWEET PRIZE of a $50 gift card to a retailer of the submitter's choice, AND a 12 pack of extra-soft, ultra absorbent bath tissue. Congrats, Sue!


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