Tristan in Chesapeake, VA

I seen you like old games and wrestling. If you like wrestling games play me on svr (SmackDown vs Raw) 2011 in the royal rumble I can take on 11 other live players and I can't be beat by no one. Unless your to old to be schooled in new school. LAWL! Text me at  [content removed for Tristan's privacy and safety]  and prepare to cry to your mommy!

"Lawl"? Poor dear. You're either laughing a whole lot, or you have typing turrets. Look, Squirt. Donnie's been spankin' snot-nosed bed wetters in wrestling games long before you were a clumsy tadpole floppin' from nut to nut in your daddy's coin purse. Saying you'll beat Donnie in a wrestling game is like saying you will someday experience the intimate company of a woman. And we both know that ain't happening.


tara said...

i'll take you on donnie. game or for real i'll wrestle you.

Anonymous said...

lol @ ur pic

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