Jared In Florida

What is your biggest dream and your worst nightmare? Mine is telling the girl in my class that I like her and find out she likes me back and the nightmare is being eaten by a shark.

Wow, Jared. You're stupid. You would waste your biggest dream on some grade-school hussy? Learn this now, and learn this well: NEVER go chasing after skirts. Make the hos chase YOU. You're young, and Donnie just gave you the secret that most bums spend a lifetime trying to discover, so use it.

On to your question. Donnie's worst nightmare would probably have something to do with sitting through a Ben Affleck movie, and as for Donnie's greatest dream? That would be you being eaten by a shark.


Jared said...

LMAOOOOO! Guess what I told her I like her and she likes me now we hang out all teh time. I sent a link to this site and showed my friends what you said and now everyone wants to send you messages to see what you will say back.

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