Timothy Hendricks in Beulah, ND

Back when you wrote your Straight Shooting blog for (another website), I sent you a comment about playing D&D and you called me a loser. I wanted to let you know I am not a loser. My mother raised me and two other siblings by herself and put us through college on her own. I am going to earn a degree in engineering and all you do is insult people behind a computer screen. I ask you who is the loser and who is the winner here?

Well Tim, it sounds as though your mom is the winner, not you. See, the difference between you and Donnie is, Donnie's earned everything he has because he had to rely on himself to get it. Donnie worked hard for it. You should come visit Donnie in the real world someday, where people are proud of accomplishments that they earn on their own, instead of having things handed to them by hard working people who are already stretched too thin.

You should do something special for your mom. It sounds like she's your Angel on Earth. Hell, if you were Donnie's kid, he would have wrapped you in a gently soiled feminine napkin and flushed you like an expired goldfish. And by the way, Donnie called you a nerd, not a loser. Now don't you feel stupid.


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