Miss Manda

Miss Manda In Davison, Michigan

What would it take to get you and Rex to post photos of your goods on guyswithiphones.com?

Do you realize what would happen if Donnie posted online photos of his luscious beef whistle? The websites containing that digital jar of extra strength happy, would crash BIG TIME. Not just a tiny, "the site should be back up in an hour" crash, we're talking "The Obamacare webmasters must be behind this travesty" kind of crash. It would take the whole internet down indefinitely. Pain. Confusion. Mass hysteria. Gnashing of teeth. No, Donnie's great and powerful whoopie stick must be used wisely, and never fall into the wrong hands. 

By the way, Rex says no way, no how. But if you ask Viral Jay or Mr. Blood, they may shoot you photos of the ol' wang doodles. Better yet, stop asking for naughty pics, and just sit on your washing machine for a while. The spin cycle might tickle your giblets.


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