Skyler in Ashton, MO

What is the most awesome thing Santa ever gave you for Christmas or do you believe in Santa?

Well, Skyler, of course Donnie believes in Santa. That chump owes Donnie money. He has quite a gambling problem, never turns down a rum and Coke, and loves stuffin' whores like a Christmas goose... but that's a whole 'nother story.

In the matter of the sweetest Christmas present, when Donnie was five years old, Ol' St. Nick brought Donnie his very first mirror. That is truly the gift that keeps on giving, if you catch what Donnie's heaving. See, most people don't get squat from Santa on Christmas day unless they've been good all year. Donnie is the exception. Santa likes it when Donnie is naughty. After all, when Donnie is good, he's AMAZING. When Donnie's bad... he's even BETTER.

Merry Christmas, turd.


Chad said...

not kosher man. little kids might read that.

Donnie Kendall said...

You're right, Chad. Donnie should have added more swears, and a photo of Kris Kringle face-humping an elf. Eh, there's always next year.

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