Larry Branson In Calgary, Alberta

Don't take offense or anything but are the questions on here real or just made up for entertaining people? If this is real what can people win in the ("Sweet Prize") drawing? Thank you.

Donnie gets this question a lot, Larry. Because of this, Donnie has decided to actually show a screen shot of your email as it appeared in Donnie's inbox. Now why don't you do Donnie a "solid", and confirm that this is indeed your message, and you are a real person who is freezing his nuts off in Canada right now? Hopefully that puts an end to the question of legitimacy, and everyone can rest assured that Donnie is verbally abusing REAL people who are content to lie there and take it.

And now, ABOOT the prizes. Up until now, the Sweet Prizes given away to lucky submitters have been surprises. They can range from gift cards to tee shirts, video games, DVDs or Blu-rays, collectible items from Donnie's personal stash, etc. Soon, Donnie may allow Prize winners to choose an item from from a selection showcased here on Straight Shootin'. But that showcase is something for the future. As for now, the Prizes will be a surprise of Donnie's choosing. Even though The Donnie can sometimes be sour, the Prizes are always Sweet. Just Donnie's little way of saying "Here you go. Now off you f**k."

Clickin' the b*stard makes it bigger.


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