Mykah In South Carolina

I have a problem with my kid wanting to much attention from me constantly telling me look at my pictures I drew look at my racecar tracks I build lets color!!! lmao He annoying as hell always talking thru my shows. Im a single mom he a only child my gf said she shut her kid up with some games What games would be good for a 6 year old and do I need a Wii or playstation be better? Needing some help fr!!! What to do Donnie???

You could try being a parent. Get off your potato chip lovin' badonkadonk, grab the fruit of your saggy loins by the paw, and GO OUTSIDE. Go for a walk. Play in the park. Toss a Frisbee around. Catch a few Pokémon for effin' out loud. If you didn't want to be a PARENT, you should have made your seed spewer wear a condom... or better yet, taken the bag off so he could see your face. That would have taken the wind out of his sail.

The kid didn't ask to be here. But now that he is, treat him right. Teach him well. Basically, help him become the opposite of everything you turned out to be.


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