The Prevert

"The Prevert" in Illinois

Donnie, In your last blog the one about gay marriage with all the pictures that last picture is of Batman and Robin. Have you noticed that Robins junk is bigger then Batman's junk?

Donnie didn't pay attention to Robin's Baloney Pony. Honestly, Donnie has never been impressed with any other dude's "junk yard". Maybe that's because when compared to Donnie, all other men seem to be hung like infants. Female infants. The phrase "size isn't important" is usually uttered by either desperate, lonely women, or guys who's meat rockets resemble a frightened turtle. Truth be told, Robin is just extremely aroused at the thought of being on Donnie's... website. After all, not only can Donnie wow the broads, but he has been known to make even "straight" guy's pants fit a little tighter.


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