Mr. Blood

Mr. Blood  Location: "Don't you wish you knew."

I am coming for you, Donnie Kendall.

Of course you are. Just like every other guy that thinks of Donnie. The only problem is, you misspelled "coming". You meant to spell it with a "u".

Look, you jacked-up freaky b*stard. If you think you're going to frighten Donnie with your idle threats and your spooky red font, you're not. Donnie has flushed bigger, meaner, more intimidating things down his toilet than you. And you know what? They smelled nicer too. So take your little top hat, and your lame Jack The Ripper cloak back to the Halloween store, and exchange it for a Miracle Ear. Crank that "sumb*tch" to "10" and listen close: Donnie's not a-scared of you, and there's no way in hell Donnie's Security Posse will even let you near the same time zone as him. So back off, Lady britches. The only thing scary around here is all the "Donnie Sexy".


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