Brandon in Iowa

Dude. My girl moved in with me a few months ago and now she's spending tons of money getting her hair and nails done and she expects me to pay for it. I'm running out of cash bro! Now she wants to plan a day at a spa! How do I stop all this?

Well, you could try growing some balls. You know, the things most men have that sort of dangle there between your legs that allow you to say words such as, "STOP IT, HO!" or "PACK YOUR SH*T AND GO!" or Donnie's favorite, "LEAVE YOUR MONEY ON THE NIGHT STAND AND GET OUT!" See, you expect Donnie to help you keep your tramp in line, but if you were a real man, you wouldn't let her walk all over you. If you're worried about your booby have-er spending all of your cash at the spa, save yourself a few bucks and send her to Donnie. Donnie will give her a facial, free of charge.

"Aaaarrrrggh! Who's an ANGRY PIRATE?"


Kimberly said...

The more of this stuff I read the more angry I get. What a disgusting pig.

Donnie Kendall said...

Donnie's work here is done.

Anonymous said...


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