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* The following comment was left as feedback for an article published here: DONNIE RANTS *

how dare you insult people like myself and christianity in general by calling us pathetic losers!! homosexuality is a sin and gay people will all taste the fires of hell. my hope is that you people change your wicked ways or else the pure rise up and wipe you all off our planet. i'll be praying for you and i will also be waiting for an apology

How cute. Some dizzy broad with a porn star name is lecturing Donnie About morals. And a APOLOGY? From DONNIE?  *giggle*  You would sooner see a CINCO DE MAYO festival sponsored by the state of ARIZONA before you'd ever get an apology from Donnie.

Let's get this straight, dunce. Donnie NEVER insulted Christianity. The biggest insult to Christianity is people like you who spread hate and intolerance, yet refer to yourselves as "Christians". Christianity is supposed to be a religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ - a man who was full of love and forgiveness. Folks like YOU condemn the acts of abortion doctors, yet "rejoice" when one of those doctors is murdered. Beings like YOU start Facebook groups "praying" for Barack Obama to be killed. "...rise up and wipe you all off our planet"? Indeed.

Creatures like you do not know the first thing about the foundation of the religion you claim to follow. So, tell you what, you "holy" MOTHER, why don't you find yourself a nice quiet corner, crack open a BIBLE, and find you some JESUS! 'Til then, BACK UP OFFA THIS!


Cindy said...

Doesn't the Bible say you can't be gay? I don't understand why this is even an argument.

Donnie Kendall said...

The Bible also says you can't eat shellfish. Look it up. (Hint: it's in the same chapter that tells us "you can't be gay".)

Look, for generations, the Bible has been interpreted by MAN. People take bits and pieces from it, and a lot of times throw out the context, just to promote their own agenda. The bottom line is, the Bible tells us to LOVE one another, you silly broad.

Anonymous said...

cindy going 2 hell cus shes eating a lobster

Krystal said...

I feel the need to comment on this. Donnie, Sweety, I agree with you completely. The phrase "Going to church makes you a Christian, just like standing in the garage makes you a car." Also, "Judge not lest ye be judged." Comes to mind. The ignorant twit needs to go back to her hillbilly home and start plucking away on her banjo. "You sure do got a purdy mouth." Comes to mind as well.

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