Manda And The Boy Wonder

Manda And The Boy Wonder via Gimme Your Hand Entertainment FORUM

I read articles from you before and you really like talking about your wang-dang, lol. But when are we going to see the goods?? What are the chances of Rex and Donnie giving the girls something to look at?? <3

The Boy Wonder:     
[sic] hay donnie r u or ne1 else at ur website going 2 post naked pics of ppl? like have an adult section? and how cum ur site says its not censered but u censered teh word f*** in ur wtc post? that rex guy says f*** all the time and doesnt censer it.

Manda, sweetie, you sound like an over-sexed pile of lust... but in a slutty kind of way. Of course Donnie talks about his danglin' man fruit. If you had a child, and you were really proud of the creature, wouldn't you want to brag about him / her / it? As far as showing you "the goods", forget it. The power of the Donnie Peen is much too strong for you, grasshopper. Keep on truckin'.   

Boy Wonder, you need a dictionary, a thesaurus, and some straight-up school learnin'. Trying to read your messages makes Donnie go cross-eyed, and want to break your face. First off, isn't a censored site. We have the freedom to do whatever we want there. Donnie chooses to do things his own way, and if Donnie doesn't want to use an "F" bomb, he won't. If Donnie wants to censor YOUR "F" bombs, he will. (And he did.) If you and Manda want to ask Rex a question about how he conducts himself, or if he will grant the pleasure of flashing you his hog, talk to him about it, not Donnie. To answer your porno question, no. There are no plans to add an adult section to the website that features graphic nudity. So, maybe you need to take a cold shower, or shake the seed from your ever-throbbing what-not without the visual aid of naughty bits.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Donnie has been sent a few pictures from people who claim they found some dirty pics of Donnie on adult websites. Most of the guys in the pics look nothing like Donnie. Let's get this straight for the last time. Donnie is NOT a member of ANY adult sites, and does NOT post or share naked photos of himself with ANYONE. STOP sending Donnie pictures of naked dudes while claiming that they are him. They are NOT.

Donnie doesn't even own a phone like that.


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if its not u show it without the words then

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