Faygo Juggalo

"Faygo Juggalo" In Pawlet, Vermont

When you were in wrestling did you ever see midgets fight? I saw a midget once and I laffed my ass off.

The correct term is "little person" or "dwarf". Don't you know it's not polite to insult people, you dripping sack of monkey splooge? If you really want to laugh at a "midget", take a gander at the one down the front of your pants.

"I served with the Juggalos, I knew the Juggalos, the Juggalos
were friends of mine. Sir, you're no Juggalo."


Kimberly said...

What the Hell is a Faygo? This makes no sense at all. Is that you and a fiend in the picture looking stupid? Learn how to apply clown makeup.

Donnie Kendall said...

No, that's not Donnie in the pic. That's ICP. And if Donnie wanted to learn how to look stupid wearing clown make up, he would watch you apply yours.

"What the hell is Faygo?" Google it, b*tch.

Mark said...

sounds like kimberly needs to get laid. seriously what a bitch.

Unknown said...

Kimberly faygo is a juggalos drink like donnie sed look it up bitch if ur not a juggalett get the fuck out of ur shit bitch u mother fackow

Unknown said...


Krystal said...

Juggalo: STOP TALKING! and get a damn dictionary!

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