All About The Donnie

Donnie Kendall Bio:
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170 lbs. of pure, unadulterated sexy.
Sign: Leo
Shoe Size: A Whopping 12 1/2.
(12 1/2? At 5 feet 9 inches tall? You do the math. Donnie's a friggin' stud.)
Favorite Fruit: Little Richard

Donnie Kendall was born on August 19, 19(none of your damn business) in San Francisco, California. At an early age, Donnie knew he wanted to entertain people for a living. He spent his youth performing in puppet shows, acting in school plays, and doing interpretive dance to Dr. Pepper jingles. His love of rhythmic gyrations inspired him to create the dance known the world over as the "Roger Rabbit", named after one of his favorite movies.

In early 2001, a professional wrestling promoter discovered a shirtless, chiseled, rock-hard Donnie break-dancing on a street corner for a crowd of hundreds. "The cheers were so loud," recalls the promoter, "that I could barely hear Hanson's 'Mmm Bop' blasting through the air! I saw this tanned, bleach blond heart throb and I knew he was going to be my biggest pro wrestling Superstar!" From there, Donnie Kendall trained with UFC legend and former WWF/WWE star, Dan "The Beast" Severn in Coldwater, Michigan. Donnie was quickly transformed into "The Forbidden Fantasy", and entertained thousands of people with his quick wit and barrage of insults at pro wrestling and MMA shows all over the Midwestern United States and Canada.

After a few years of physical and verbal combat, it became clear that Donnie's build, looks, and bad-boy attitude could not be confined to the world of pro wrestling or any MMA cage. Offers from several adult magazines and websites came pouring in begging Donnie to show off his "Forbidden Fanny". Everyone seemed to want a piece of the Donnie. It's even rumored that Donnie Kendall was the inspiration for singing sensation Ne-Yo's song, "Forbidden Fruit" (Ne-Yo even mentioned "Gimme Your Hand" in the song, which is the name of the Entertainment company Donnie formed back in the 1990's.)

Fearing for his personal safety (He was often followed home after wrestling events and stalked by fans), Donnie felt it would be smart to leave the wrestling business and concentrate on his popular web article "Straight Shootin' With Donnie Kendall". In 2009, Donnie created his official internet home, Since then, Donnie and the rest of the Gimme Your Hand Freakz have been bringing their unapologetic sense of humor to a world-wide audience.

My 13 Question Interview With Donnie Kendall
By Sarah Strossler

Sarah: Have you ever hooked up with 3 girls in 1 night?
Donnie: Wow. Things haven't been that slow in a while.

Sarah: Would you like a baby girl or baby boy?
Donnie: That's a toughy because baby girls tend to be a little fatty, but baby boys give Donnie indigestion.

Sarah: What would you do if you are going to die in the next minute?
Donnie: Set the clocks back.

Sarah: If a tree fell down in the forest and hit a mine, would it make a sound?
Donnie: A mine, yes. But a MIME? Not if it was a dedicated mime.

Sarah: Have you ever popped, locked, and dropped it?
Donnie: Not on purpose.

Sarah: Imagine your homeroom teacher with a bikini on.
Donnie: Donnie doesn't have to imagine. Mr. Porter really enjoyed "show and tell".

Sarah: Would you rather be stabbed by a knife or a sword?
Donnie: That's hard to say, really. Donnie's always enjoyed a clean shot from an AK-47 straight to the nuts, or a flaming arrow through the chest.

Sarah: When will you be in Chicago next?
Donnie: The band? Never. Unless they're looking to add a mean keytarist.

Sarah: Favorite Rapper?
Donnie: Donnie's Great Grandma could spit some rhymes...

Sarah: What is your favorite band?
Donnie: Rubber.

Sarah: What is your favorite word?
Donnie: "Leotard"

Sarah: Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full?
Donnie: When Donnie's wearing it, not big enough.

Sarah: Romance or Kinky?
Donnie: Donnie likes romantic things like handcuffs, nipple clamps, and hot wax on the ol' giblets. Kinky just isn't cool.

Sarah: Well, Donnie. Thanks for taking the time to grant me this 13 question interview!
Donnie: Not a problem, Sugar Britches. Now put your clothes on and get out.